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Your Daily Caffeine Dose

caffeine and coffeeWhether yours is a quick pick-me-up mid-afternoon or a much needed injection of focus during a late night work session, caffeine can be pretty vital when it comes to staying on track, getting things done and maintaining that focus. However, with an increasing amount of focus and awareness of the inherently unhealthy nature of energy drinks, coffee is back in vogue as the steady, healthy and traditional source for your caffeine.

Coffee is not just a great source of caffeine either. With a litany of healthy effects including memory benefits, helping you burn fat and providing a rare source of antioxidants in the western diet, coffee makes a great addition to your diet, providing you’re not drinking a ridiculous amount regularly! Let’s not forget that it’s also delicious, and completely (if you’re happy with it black) calorie free, coffee is the way forward when it comes to energy boosting drinks.

But isn’t a coffee just a coffee? No! There’s some pretty wildly different levels of caffeine coffees out there, not to mention all the different kind of drinks you can get from commercial coffee machines. If you’re the kind of person who values potency beyond taste, it’s probably a safe bet that you want to know the most powerful coffee you can get. Here’s some of the great options for the most potent coffee blends out there today.

Costa Coffee Cappuccino

Costa’s cappuccino is the strongest out there on the high street today, and if you’re looking to defeat some sluggishness, or get some hyperactivity going, it’s a reasonable way to go. While maybe not quite as potent as some of the really powerful coffee brands, this is something you can get while you’re out and about, and is sure to get you woken up and focused. While maybe not the cheapest option out there, if you’re prioritising caffeine content, it’s the way to go when getting a cup of Joe from decent coffee machines on the go.

Death Wish Coffee

Here’s one of the real bad boys of coffee. Sold as the strongest coffee in the world, Death Wish Coffee boasts coffee beans containing 200% the caffeine content of standard coffee beans. If that doesn’t sound exciting and powerful, then I don’t know what does. While pretty expensive online, Death Wish Coffee is perfect if you’re looking to defeat a potent hangover, or just have a lot of work to do, this is ideal – you can bring even more life to it if your company has a decent office coffee machine (e.g.

Mushroom Coffee?!

Writer, blogger and life hacker, Tim Ferris has touted mushroom coffee as being a potent alternative to standard coffees. Labelled a superfood, mushroom coffee cites having all the usual coffee benefits, but is healthier and far more potent when it comes to that caffeine boost. While it may sound slightly gross, users described it as tasting mellow, and like a cross between tea and coffee. It’s worth checking out if you’re wondering which coffee option works best for you.

Top Tip!

Boost the potency and effect of your caffeine buzz by throwing in some calories. Add a teaspoon of unsalted butter and coconut oil, and give it a quick whizz. There you go, bulletproof coffee. This is not only more effective when it comes to energy than standard coffee, but also great before a workout. Sometimes when you get a coffee down you, the caffeine can be a bit of a shock to the system, the caffeine delivery with bulletproof coffee is simultaneously smoother, and more powerful, which can be super handy when you’re looking to get things done.

Coffee is Good for You!

coffee health

People have this image of coffee drinkers as being these stressed-out, jittery, sleep-deprived and work-obsessed individuals. That’s what tea drinkers want you to think! In reality, coffee has been shown to have shockingly high number of potent health benefits, and provides a number of rare benefits and vitamins that aren’t well represented in the western diet.

Not only does it contain healthy stuff you don’t get elsewhere, but it’s been shown to have all manner of other mental health benefits. What it comes down to, is that coffee is delicious, it wakes you up, and it makes you healthier. Here’s a few more ways that coffee is good for you!

Improve Brain Function and Memory

Coffee has been shown to improve mental agility and memory. When it comes to mood, energy levels, vigilance, reaction times and general cognitive function, caffeine does some really amazing things. Beyond the short term benefits of improving memory, coffee has been linked to helping prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as other mental health conditions. Controlled scientific trials and experimentation has shown that coffee has the power to truly focus you, mentally.

Take Control of Your Sleep Pattern

Coffee wakes you up, and can help combat tiredness. If you’ve had a damaged sleeping pattern, for whatever reason, be it young kids, jetlag, work or a simple night out, coffee can help you stay awake when you need to be awake, and therefore fall asleep when you need to. Having a regular sleep pattern is vital when it comes to living a healthy and consistent life, without it, eventually things break down, and you won’t be able to perform your best. Coffee, in moderation, can help that.

Help Combat Attention Issues

Okay, I already mentioned the ways in which coffee can help improve mental function, but if you’re a sufferer of ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), coffee can help you bat away distractions, and get on with what you need to. Helping deal with distraction and focus can be incredibly helpful, without any of the issues attached to ADHD/ADD medication. Some individuals with the condition even report that coffee helps them to sleep, somehow!

Coffee Can Help You Burn Fat

Every commercial fat burning product contains caffeine. That’s not a coincidence. Coffee has been shown to boost metabolic rate by 3-11%, and is one of the very few proven natural substances that helps burn fat. If you’re looking to lose a bit of weight, coffee can be extremely helpful. Admittedly the effectiveness for metabolic rate boosting, and weight loss has been shown to decrease for long term coffee drinkers, but it can still prove helpful.

Coffee is Statistically Proven to Help with Depression

A study by Harvard, conducted in 2011, showed that statistically, individuals that drank more than four cups of coffee per day, were staggeringly statistically less likely to become depressed, or commit suicide. Obviously, it’s no cure, but it can be very helpful.

Coffee is an Amazing Source of Antioxidants

Within the western diet, studies have shown that coffee is a rare huge source of antioxidants, more that, in fact, both fruits and vegetables, statistically. All in all, coffee has a huge range of health benefits, all while being a tasty beverage that perks you up, what’s not to love?!

Who Drinks the Most Coffee?

coffee around worldAlthough there are big chunks of the world that barely touch coffee (looking at you South East Asia), plenty of us drink absolutely tons of the stuff. Interestingly, the obvious countries like the United States don’t rank that high on the list, and there might be a few other interesting surprises too! Our figures come from Euromonitor’s 2013 report, which detail all of the world’s largest coffee consumers, in kilograms of beans per capita.

Coffee is a huge part of western culture, and despite originating in the Middle East centuries ago, it’s come to be one of the big elements of the high street in the form of coffee shops like Costa and Starbucks. It’s a huge part of millions of people’s morning routines, but who drinks the most coffee? Here’s our top ten list.

Number. 10 – 4.8kg/Capita – Brazil

While Brazil is one of the biggest producers of coffee beans they’re pretty far from the biggest drinkers. While they dedicate many hectares of land to growing coffee, and it’s one of their biggest exports, they don’t drink as much as some of the others on this list.

Number. 9 – 4.9kg/Capita – Belgium

Although Belgium has a bigger association with chocolate and beer, they’re also pretty big on their coffee. If you’re around in Belgium, go enjoy a traditional breakfast of a strong cup of coffee, and a Belgian waffle.

Number. 8 – 5.2kg/Capita – Germany

Coffee has been popular in Germany and Northern Europe for centuries, and that continues to the current day. With a pretty significant step-up from Belgium, head over to Germany and try a traditional German breakfast of cold meat, bread, jam, and, of course, coffee.

Number. 7 – 5.3kg/Capita – Denmark

Famous for the curious combination of having the highest happiness index per capita, and Vikings, the Danes have a potent love for coffee, much like most of the Nordic countries, maybe it’s something to do with the colder climates.

Number. 6 – 5.4kg/Capita – Serbia

Serbians enjoy potent, black, Turkish coffee. Despite being more troublesome to make, requiring multiple boils and other hassles, Turkish coffee is a much more powerful flavour than your bog standard instant coffee, and the Serbians must enjoy it, as they drink it a lot, traditionally with most meals.

Number. 5 – 5.5kg/Capita – Austria

Austria is known for being a real culture destination, with Vienna being home to many amazing traditional coffee houses for you to check out between admiring the spectacular architecture, art galleries and museums.

Number. 4 – 6.1kg/Capita – Slovenia

Much like the Serbians, Slovenians love a cup of strong black Turkish coffee, served incredibly strong in small cups. Typically enjoyed in coffee cafes that are still very popular, strong black Turkish coffee is a great way to cope with the frigid winters Slovenia endures every year.

Number. 3 – 6.7kg/Capita – Netherlands

The Dutch have always been one of the more progressive countries in Northern Europe, even going back centuries. They were one of the first countries to start enjoying coffee as part of their diet, and that continues today. Typically enjoyed with cakes and pastries, the Dutch love a coffee.

Number. 2 – 7.2kg/Capita – Norway

Continuing the tradition of Nordic countries loving coffee, the caffeinated beverage is enjoyed by almost everyone, with the average Nord consuming two cups daily, generally with breakfast.

Number. 1 – 9.6kg/Capita – Finland

Winning with a pretty huge margin, the Finns consume almost three cups of coffee per person every day, with coffee being consumed basically all day, but with the Finns enjoying much lighter coffee roasts and blends, rather than the intense Turkish coffees you might find in Eastern Europe.

Starting off with the good stuff

When thinking about coffee there’s no one type of coffee lover out there, the good old cup of Joe is way more diverse than that. It appeals to the masses purely because it is so diverse. Pretty much every stage of the production of a cup of coffee, right down to the way it is served can have a tonne of variations. The coffee cherry will provide a totally different taste dependent on; where and how it is grown, how it is stored, roasted, brewed and served. The diversity in this produce goes a long way to explaining why it’s the world’s second largest commodity and as the production and sale of this commodity continues to rake in the cash we thought it only fitting to start off the site looking at some of the most expensive coffees in the world…

If those price tags made your eyes water, don’t worry, our site will be up and running soon enough and we will bring you a whole host of ways to choose, brew and serve your coffee for a fraction of the price and in the comfort of your own home. We’ll also be diving in and exploring loads of cool tech to help you make a grand cup of Joe as well as looking at some of the trendiest places to enjoy a coffee all ready and prepared for you.